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Original Fry Sauce


Did You Know

  • Original Fry Sauce has been featured on national TV
  • Original Fry Sauce was featured on Olympic pins

Original Fry Sauce

Ever since we invented fry sauce more than 60 years ago, we’ve carefully guarded the original secret recipe. There is only one original fry sauce and Arctic Circle has it.

Arctic Circle has long been an innovator in fast food, but our Original Fry Sauce—a tasty, tangy mixture of tomato concentrate, lemon juice, eggs, and a whole bunch of other ingredients—stands out as the most imitated, and also the least duplicated.

How to Buy Fry Sauce in Utah

Many people are dipping their fries (and lots of other foods, for that matter) into Arctic Circle Original Fry Sauce outside our restaurants. Not because one of our competitors has cracked our secret recipe, but because we now have 16-ounce bottles available for purchase in our stores. And that means you can take the Original home with you!

How to Buy Fry Sauce Outside Utah

If there is not an Arctic Circle in your area contact us at the following email address for information on how you can purchase fry sauce.