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Arctic Circle History

Back in 1924, an inventive and entrepreneurial young man named Don Carlos Edwards put up a tiny refreshment stand during a Pioneer Day celebration in a small Northern Utah town. Although he didn’t know it then, that stand was the beginning of a fast food icon that now spans the Western United States.

Don Carlos Bar-B-Q Becomes Arctic Circle

By 1941, Edwards’ little stand in a small rural town had evolved into Don Carlos Bar-B-Q in Salt Lake City. Nine years later, he opened his second restaurant in Salt Lake, which he called Arctic Circle.

Famous Firsts: Brown Toppers and Ranch Burgers

This new restaurant featured numerous original family recipes that were as tasty as they were unique. Soon after the opening in 1950, long lines of people were waiting for their chance to taste standout menu items like "Brown Toppers" and "Ranch Burgers."

Inventing Fry Sauce and Kid’s Meals

In those early years, Edwards continued to invent new foods and options. Fry sauce and kid’s meals, for example, are Arctic Circle originals. And he also kept growing the chain, adding new locations across Utah. Now, just over 60 years since that first location, Arctic Circle has grown to 28 company stores and 45 franchises across seven Western states.